Friday, December 11, 2009

Sura Maeraya Mahindagen pamanak Waeramani...

"Sura Maeraya Mahindagen pamanak Waeramani..., sikka padan samaadiyami" (the new and improved 5th pansil padaya/precept)

with all due respect to all buddhist (among whose numbers i count myself), the above statement is developed from the statements of the jathika hela urumaya. (video link here).

if there was ever a doubt that these charlatans are nothing more than fork tongued snakes in saffron robes, appealing to the very basic tenets of our culture to gather votes. the only way these fools will attain nirvana is if Nirvana runs them over when they are crossing galle road.

shame on them, for the decpetion. shame on them for the disrepute they cause to the buddha, dhamma and sangha.

i wonder if their actions fall into the "aananthara paapa karma"?

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