Saturday, December 12, 2009

President and the starlet(s)

i have been made aware of a scandal (most people are aware, but yet it is not spoken of) surrounding the chief executive of our little old island.
there are two personalities involved in this scandal and the particulars of both are quite stunning. so much so that even tiger woods would say "yikes".
the first of our contestants is the very well known Sangeetha Weeraratne. she of the silver screen caught the medamulane eye so much, that arrangements were made to keep her close at hand to facilitate 'access'.
the first step part of this arrangement was to have her married off to one Roshan Kariyapperuma. the 'price' paid for this arrangement was to make the father of Roshan, Priyantha Kariyapperuma the chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Commission (TRC). this Priyantha used to work at Nestle where he was quite dishonourably discharged. prior to Nestle he was the houseboy of the medamulane household. trusted only to run to the kadei to bring the bread. he is now a pimp of no small repute and is rumored to have a bevy of young women at his disposal who are provided to the holders of power.
our second contestent is the very well 'endowed' Anarkali Akarsha. an empty headed bimbo in any definition anywhere in the world, she too has felt the 'touch' of power.
after the initation of an affair of Tiger Woods proportions, she was kept close at hand working in the foreign ministry. this was deemed 'safe' as the foreign minister at the time was Mangala Samaraweera; an openly homosexual man. at the time of Mangala's ignominous exit, she was discharged of 'all duties'. furthermore, i have it on good authority that Anarkali's breast surgery was funded by taxpayers money as well. her career and even her selection as Ms. Sri Lanka was due to the influence coming out of temple trees. given the father and sons recent fawning over Anarkali (at the Southern Provincial Council elections) one wonders what kind of tag team performance ms. akarsha is used to.
furthermore, on executive trips overseas, the chief pimp in waiting, Sajin Vaas is the point man for procuring entertainers/hostesses to make sure the VIPs in the retinue are not without comforts. his reward for all efforts are to continue the follu of mihin air after wasting $ 3 billion without any repercussions.
locally, it is none other than Dr. Mervyn Silva who is the chief procurer and distributor of damsels. the women involved are none other than the poor girls who come to Colombo looking for a better life and better jobs. they are bmboozled into this life of horror by the people to whom we have given power. we are as guilty as they are for knowing all this and yet doing nothing.
Dr. Silva's reward for his efforts include an immense security detail, immunity for his chief bodyguard; Kudu Lal, immunity to his son Malaka even after beating up another citizen in public with over 10 witnesses, immunity to mervyn himself for violating diplomatic rules and entering the Canadian embassy by force and waving weapons around demanding a visa for his son Malaka. oh yes, lest you think this immunity was fleeting or only for specific situations, i wish it were only so. unfortunately it is blanket immunity for the silvas for anything they do.
on a final note, i am not aware if the first lady is aware of all these shenanigans or if she is and turns a blind eye.
while all this is quite distasteful, it is none of our business what people do behind closed doors.
that being said, people who live in glass houses dare not throw stones. these are the kinds of people levelling allegations against General Sarath Fonseka in terms of his character and sexual conduct. it seems they decided to project their conduct as if it were General Fonsekas.

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