Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If you would like to Purchase SB Dissanayaka...


the non-monetary offered to SB Dissanayake is the post of Prime Minister at the conclusion of the General Election.

like all promises/offers made by the current administration, this is expected to be full of the same ingredient required of hot air balloons

*****End Update****

the asking price is now Rs. 400 million plus. (Christmas Sale price - VAT exempt)

the price increase is due to the the payment of Rs. 400 million being paid to him to effect a melodramatic crossover


Anonymous said...

don't be silly. how do u know? were u the agent? if so what was your commission, sorry intermediation fee?

Gamarala said...

why so anonymous?

my sources are mine alone. suffice to say my sources were "instrumental" in designing the "incentive package".

the non-monetary incentive was to offer the post of Prime Minister after the conclusion of the General Election. I say "offer" because given the rajapakse doctrine, the value of an offer is simply that; empty words