Friday, September 4, 2009

Tissainayagam: The Plight and Pitfalls

20 years of hard labor is a stiff sentence by any standard. it's usually reserved for murderers and their ilk. not for journalists for any writing they put forth.
that being said, the issue of what has happened is two fold. on one hand, it's the protection of freedom of speech and all the rest. on the other hand it is respect for the judicial process of a country, whatever the perceived flaws may be.
all and sundry can scream and bleat and shout and say its' not fair what happened to Tissainayagam. Fact remains, it has happened after due process of law (however it exists in the land). The root solution is to change the adminstration of the judiciary and THAT is in the hands of the voters and NOT the polity. THE PEOPLE give the power, so why whine now?
As for all the western countries that are bleating blue murder, they can kindly go and stick it.
where the sun does not shine. Sri Lanka does not pass judgment or opinion in any capacity (save the armchair sages) on the domesic processes of those countries. the treatment they mete out to
Sri Lanka may very well change that attidue. however, us being a small country, big deal it may not be.
They being democracies always cry for due process which has been carried out. so shut it.
As for mr. Tissainayagam, I have this to say. I will fight and defend your right to speak the truth. that does not mean I will agree with everything you have to say. however, in this particular case, you have insulted a statesmen of high valor and his admirers when you call him a traitor.
as for what you published, right or wrong the content may have been if you knowingly and willingly violated the law of the land (draconian it may be, but again a question for the polity) you sir are at fault and I expect you own up to the fact and accept your sentence.
For the people who don't like what has happened; it's in your hands to make the change you want happen by voicing your opinion at the ballot box.
For the people who thing all journalists must be hanged; its journalists now, what if it's you tomorrow?
Be the change you want to see.

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Anonymous said...

what exactly was Tissa's crime? Can you point out the exact sentences, because no-one seems to know.